The men’s and women’s commercial restrooms at this Pleasanton, California Community Center were in need of ADA accessibility, and required the floor to be leveled for tile installation. Tile wainscot was installed on the walls to complete the look in warm inviting earth tones in both restrooms.  The new mirrors, light fixtures, toilets and sinks were enclosed in tile, to match the installed wallpaper.  These updates created a fashionable space, convenient for everyday use.

Nestled in Piedmont, California, this tennis facility remodeled their men’s and women’s restrooms by installing Kohler fixtures and accessories to include new sinks and urinals.  In the women’s locker room 12x12 PVC flooring was installed with a diagonal layout.  Cultured marble shower stalls in both restrooms completed the look, with glass shower doors and wood wainscot used around the sink area.  Wainscot tile with a brick layout was used in the men’s restrooms to modernize the look and beautify the surroundings.

This commercial facility located in Dublin, California, required the installation of over 1800 square feet of fire rated sheet rock, while using a scissor-lift at 25-feet.  This remodel required a level 4, with an orange peel finish on the wall.


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Black, white, and stainless steel combine for an industrial, yet modern looking, kitchen. Located in a Bay Area Highway Patrol facility, these commercial pieces offer both style and durability, with a statement of classic ambiance.

The repairing of the foundation in this Piedmont, California home, led to a rebuilt basement remodel that quickly became the Contractor’s favorite.  The paint was removed from the brick walls, restoring them to their natural state, installing custom cabinets with decorative columns.  Windows by Frameworks were installed, allowing natural light to illuminate the newly painted walls, ceiling and hardwood floors.


This laundry room, located in a Fire Station on the Peninsula, received a modern makeover. With new electrical and mechanical plumbing, quartz countertops, upper and lower wood cabinets, and new appliances, it still allows practical functionality.

This rebuilt basement remodel in the Trestle Glen neighborhood of Oakland, California began with the excavation of the basement area to reach the desired ceiling height.  The weight above this three-storied home required the expertise of a structural engineer, which resulted in a new foundation, framing, windows, recessed lighting, hardwood floors, new walls and ceiling.  This update provided an attractive space for entertaining.